Why are newlines rendered in markdown

What I’m trying to do

I usually like to keep my markdown documents formatted with one sentence per line.
This has obvious benefits (see Writing one sentence per line | Derek Sivers).
But I would expect the rendered output to still be rendered as a textblock.
This is the behaviour that also latex and the github markdown has, which I quite like because it improves readability.
But obsidian also renders the linebreaks and in the reading view still all sentences start on a new line.

Things I have tried

I was not able to find any setting to change that.

I think Strict Line Breaks in Editor > Display maybe what you’re looking for. Haven’t tested out yet.

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How about “Obsidian->Settings->Editor->(Display->)Strict line breaks”?

You can take it even further and do one clause per line! :grinning:


(I don’t do this myself — tried it and found it more distracting than helpful — but the idea seems reasonable.)

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