Why are my templates showing up in my dataview table?

Things I have tried

Searched for help and looked at Dataview information page

Why are my templates showing up in my dataview table?

Here is my dataview query

for (let group of dv.pages("#goal").groupBy(p => p.pillar)) {
    dv.header(3, group.key);
    dv.table(["Goal", "Status", "Prority"],
            .sort(k => k.pillar, 'desc')
            .map(k => [k.file.link, k["Status"], k.priority]))

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What a neat looking setup! Does your template have the #goal tag you are using in your dv.pages search? (It would make sense to me that a goal template would have the goal tag!)
I think you want to change dv.pages(...) arguments to explicitly exclude your templates folder. I am not sure I got the use of single and double quotes from the documentation for dv.pages exactly right, does this work:

dv.pages('#goal and !"900 Templates"').groupBy...

Good luck!

Yes! that worked! Thank you. I tried to do that, but I must not have done it correctly. Yes, I have the goal tag in my goals. This is my page where I plan my goals for the year.

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Yay I’m glad! So putting the whole dv.pages argument in single-quotes and then any folder or file names inside their own double-quotes is what I’ve got so far of the quotation rules. :slight_smile: If you find anything else, I’d love to know! #dataview

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