Why are my nodes not changing size in graph view?

New to using Obsidian, and I’ve discovered that the nodes on my graph view are all the same regardless of how many connections or references there are, which makes analyzing them difficult as it they start to all blend together once you’ve got a lot of notes going. Example I just made:

Am I just being dull and there’s a way to get this to work that I’m not getting?

On my own graph, it seems a node with four notes linking to it doesn’t change size, and one with eight notes linking to it changes size a little. So there might be a threshold you have to go over, maybe this is eight; try adding a few more links to ‘test’ to see if it grows, if not there might be a bug; have you any/many community plugins installed?

I went ahead and tested 8 notes, and it does indeed seem to change the size a little after hitting that number. Hoping this threshold can be edited by users in the future.

Thank you!

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