Why am I getting double bullets?

When you do the following in Obsidian:

* First bulleted line
    * Indented bulleted line

it renders the indented bulleted line with two bullets.

Is this intended behavior? It doesn’t seem to be, as

* First bulleted line
    *  Indented bulleted line

only results in one bullet.

Do you have a screenshot?

My first thought is you might have a weird line break. Also, if you have a theme, try turning that off and any CSS snippets to see if it happens in the default theme.

I get what’s expected (image from obsidian):

So, it is not intended to see a blank bullet in between.

Make sure you have a line in between with only a *.

It happens here, too:

  • Bullet
    • Indented bullet

Oh, I do get that when I add that:


You will not get that if you remove the * between the two lines.

However, my assumption is you want a blank line in between your level 1 bullet and your level 2 bullet?

Looks like a bug to me. I’d suggest switching it to bug reports.
Convoluted process to get to it.
Happens LP and Legacy, without plugin or theme, and in Help vault.
Associated with the fold triangle?

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Not exactly. I’m trying to add an indented bullet after a blockquote, and it’s working, except for the double bullet.

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