White screen about Chinese characters in latex

Steps to reproduce

If you write some Chinese characters in latex, such as this(it can’t be too short):


After that, you write above that latex, Chinese or English(it can’t be too short), Obsidian will get white screen. when you close Obsidian and open it again, the file could be emptied, I meet it. :sob:

Because my English is poor, I will tell the thing again with Chinese, sorry.



在这之后,如果你在那块latex之上输入,无论是汉字还是英文(它不能太短),Obsidian将会白屏。当你关闭Obsidian,重新打开它,这个文件可能会被清空。我遇到了这种情况。 :sob:


Expected result

It won’t get white screen.

Actual result

It get white screen.


  • Operating system: windows 19041.330
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.6

Additional information

I tried your steps but I can’t reproduce this bug. We’ll try again later.

Can you open the developer console and see if there’s any errors?

Thanks. I have tried to restart my computer and restart my Obsidian, but there is the same problem. Just now, I try it again and my file be cleaned up one more time. If you finally can’t reproduce this bug, I am sad to see that it is my own problem.

It makes me down now. I won’t use Obsidian until it be solved. Sorry to see this thing.

I think I don’t know the “developer console”. Maybe I can learn to use it? It needs time, And sorry that I can’t do it.

press ctrl-shift-i to access developer console

Thanks for your teaching, and I get it.

click “console” in the right-top side.

I click it and reproduce it another time. This time right?

thanks for trying.

Seems like the process just crashes, which is why devtools says it got disconnected.

I would suspect it’s not an issue with the app itself but something else that may be killing the process, or crashing it from externally. Possibly something like an anti-virus software.

For your suspicion, I have tried to close my own anti-virus software. Now, there is only windows defender on my computer, and I can reproduce it too.

I am glad to see that it has been not a problem in obsidian v0.8.0. Although I don’t know what happened, thanks.

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