While using "Custom File Explorer sorting" plugin, how can I sort everything alphabetically and then set a folder at the very bottom?

I’m using the Custom File Explorer sorting plugin and for the most part it’s been working how I wanted it to, however I’m getting stumped on a small problem.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to sort everything alphabetically, regardless if it’s a file or a folder but I want one folder (Addtl.) to be at the very bottom.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried this sorting but it does not seem to work?

 target-folder: Experiments/*
 < a-z

This sorts the files and folders no problem but it puts “Addtl.” folder at the very top when I want it at the very bottom instead.

The reverse of this sorting rule works fine so I thought the opposite would work too.

 target-folder: MyFolder/*
 < a-z

^- this works

Here is parts of my sorting spec:

  target-folder: /*
  < true a-z
  /folders Dance
  z Journal

This ensures that the first file in my explorer is the note _Homepage followed by a folder MaDo, and then the rest of the files %, followed by the actual folder Dance (note I do also have a note called Dance which are left in the alphabetical order of the other files), and finally the folder z Journal at the very end.

In other words, I think what you’re missing is the use of % to denote all other files not being at first or last. So most likely something like this should should work for your case:

target-folder: Experiments/*
 < a-z

(with the correct spacing and so on)

You nailed it on the head! Thanks!

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