Which Obsidian theme?

New to Obsidian and in my process of watching YouTube videos found one on similar topic to what my proposed project. They used the Windows 98 theme. Asked why that particular theme but got no response.
Is there a guideline (for lack of better term) on how/why select a specific theme?

Just try some different ones and go with the one that suits you. I chose based on how transclusions are done (Primary) and what works well for me (Deep work) for my different vaults.

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It depends on your use case. I.e., What type of notes are you going to be creating

I, personally, prefer a theme that allows you to control aspects of tables and the 2 that can do that is ITS and Willemstad

The ones suggested by @Gnopps are also good

Other excellent ones are Shimmering, Minimal, Prism, Sanctum & Blue Topaz. I don’t fancy any outside of these.

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Unexpectedly I came across YouTube video about this topic “All the Odsidian themes and CSS explained.

Rather long so going to take me several days to get through the entire hour and thirty-nine minute video by Danny Hatcher.

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I would recommend Primary.

it’s easy on the eyes. bold and italics are different colors which makes them stand out more. which in turn makes the information in the note easier to parse depending on how you format/write them. you can use the Style Settings plugin to adjust the look. i’d suggest changing the Header Colors to the “primary colors” option, because it breaks up the wall of text a bit more, which again makes the information easier to parse. also the icons and everything look good. none of the interface features get hidden/removed. and its actively maintained.

a close second would be the LYT Mode theme. the colors are a little less easy on the eyes IMO but its still a pretty good theme.

Honorable mentions: Ars Magna, Sanctum, and Minimal.

In terms of visuals Typomagical is my favorite. I often switch to it when printing long form notes.

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whats the difference between typomagical and the default? all i see is a font change