Which macbook to buy to run obsidian canvas?

Hi, i’m currently on M1 macbook air 8 cpu / 7 gpu / 8 ram
I am noticing bad performance working with a canvas (while panning or zooming it)

Canvas has around 30 text boxes and 20 “link to pages” and 40 connections

Will M2 MBA will work good with canvas? Will 16gb ram improve performance? Will 10gpu cores be ignificntly better than 8gpu for canvas?

I don’t think that computer should be struggling with that task. I only have 1 small canvas but I have the same computer (except with 16 GB RAM); I’ll test when I have time.

Sometimes it works pretty well, but often some slowness occurs. Obsidian Helper (GPU) uses about 45% of CPU and 60% GPU, Obsidian renderer uses about 45% Cpu during the panning/zooming. Accordingly to the Activity monitor app

Probably more ram is significant for performing this operation

I setup a canvas with similar numbers of things and it seems pretty smooth. I left a lot of the cards empty, tho, which could make a difference. My Activity Monitor numbers varied but were maybe about half what you’re reporting. I’ll ask in the Apple thread on Obsidian’s Discord to see how canvas is acting for others.

The extra RAM might matter, but I constantly have a bunch of stuff open (including way too many browser tabs) which may negate the advantage.

If you haven’t already, I’d try restarting Obsidian and/or the computer.

I have a 2019 MBA with 8GB of ram and have no problem with the canvas, panning and zooming are fine.

A response from Discord:

At a certain zoom setting it gets laggy

If you’re mostly zoomed out or mostly zoomed in, it’s fine though

The issue seems to crop up when there’s a lot of small text that gets moved around. (The zoom level is not small enough for it to replace the text with the file name, but the text is also too small to properly read.)

Y, same for me. It is laggy when I zoomed to the level when the content of the pages becomes visible. And I wonder will the new MacBook air make a difference

Might be that obsidian is better optimized for intel CPUs

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