Which is the best way to sync Obsidian: Syncthing or Cryptomator?

Recently, I have switched over to Obsidian from Notion due to its open-source nature; however, its lack of syncing has always proved to be a problem for me. I prefer to not use Obsidian Sync—as it is paid—and other closed-source cloud providers, like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc., as they do not provide proper end-to-end encryption.

This has caused a dilemma for me, as I am looking for a service that is focused on privacy and security and open-source nature. Ultimately, I boiled down my options to Cryptomator and Syncthing. Nevertheless, I am confused about which service to try out: what are the pros and cons of each aforementioned service, and which service best suits my use case?

It depends on whether you are willing to pay or not and what you want from your sync service. Now the sync service is NOT A BACKUP SERVICE.

Just a big thing, you should still back up your vault which is just a folder with files in it.

Side note: have you googled this question at all? There are TONS of posts with this same question… best way to sync obsidian - Google Search

Cryptomator is not sync. It is just handling the on-disk encryption layer. You would still need a sync service to sync those encrypted files (syncthing or otherwise).

What devices you are trying to sync will determine what your options are. I don’t believe there is a way to use Cryptomator with iOS currently (for Obsidain).

Syncthing would be the way to go if iOS is in play (if thats what you’re after I will shill my own post here: Sync Mac/PC and iOS using Syncthing + Möbius Sync )

You could also go with the Obsidian Livesync plugin which offers some form of E2EE

I apologise for my ignorance and I thank you for your clarification and advice.

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