Which dark/black themes are optimized for mobile _usage_?

The only themes I found were yin and yang, which isn’t available anymore and blue topaz.

Are there dark/black themes that do not only change the color but also the positions of the design elements? I need a fast, dark, easy to use design. Something with a more ergonomic interface than the standard.

The best I found are the standard theme and minimal theme with things flavour. But they don’t change the ergonomics as much.

What are some specific changes/features you want?

Minimal Theme Settings has “True Black” in the dark contrast settings. Have you tried that?

Since the v 1.0 update, I haven’t come across any themes that change the mobile interface in any big way. Would be interesting to see one. :selfie:

Yes, I use that yet.

I think, that’s the job of a front side designer.

Every time, I only want to write a little note, I get stuck and my idea is flown away …

Perhaps a widget which emmediately starts an empty or the last note, has the focus on text by default under the last entry so that one can add text by speach, keyboard, videos, photos, audios, without any navigation or thinking. A Google keep clone would be the best. :wink:

soon I’ll release my theme called “Dune”, with a bigger ui lift for both mobile and desktop. Also , It includes several fixes for obsidian itself.
(popover clipping, better find & replace buttons, overflow scrolling, compacter ui for phone, more space on screen for phone )
You’ll get many nice features to manipulate images, callouts. Printing and the core slide(show) got some polishing and you can choose bw multiple themes
right now i am almost done writing its manual on GitHub and then some people will test what i consider a beta release.

Interesting, can you please add a link, so I can try it, when it’s available.

Of course, you’re very welcome🙂

Just now i need feedback from everyone to make sure that each and every feature in my theme works as expected !
I recommend to use a new test vault and to activate style settings only for the first run. It may be i have to add some patches to fix incompatibilities with plugins (Plugins i don’t use), i developed my theme on a Mac and an android phone.
To ensure that my theme looks correctly, open Style settings> Dune > colors > theme and pick a light and a dark theme from the popups. ( Light theme: Dune 1 / dark theme: Dune 4)
If you like my theme, feel free to submit bug reports on my repo. Thanks

Pick a copy on my GitHub repo:

Hello Jopp. I’ve recently installed your Dune theme for desktop. I love the theme; however, I cannot for the life of me find access to the general settings for obsidian. They are usually in the bottom left corner; however, the settings icon has disappeared. How can I remedy this?

If stuck,

  • CMD COMMA (Mac),
  • CTRL COMMA (Windows), or
  • Obsidian > Settings from the menu bar.

Thanks for pointing out this issue, I will take notice and add further instructions to my Github Readme

Dune removes everything superfluous to the eye, especially on phone, where space on-screen is a luxury, imo .
Well, I found out that swiping from the left to right side replaces nicely the general settings button. I hope, this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you!

First, i thought you meant the phone version, because i removed the left side panel button from the phone interface.

However, i did not remove the “General settings” button on desktop. Buttons are less visible but still available and in their original place. Just hover over the left bottom side to see “Settings” and other buttons.
After awhile you will get used to these semi-hidden buttons, but if you prefer otherwise, open Obsidians preferences>Style Settings>Dune>Show ui elements>Show buttons to restore buttons to default. Also, re-activate help bubbles Show ui elements>Show tooltips, if you need them.
Sorry for mis-reading your question.

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