Where to store fonts locally and use them

I would like to store and use Google Fonts locally in Obsidian.

I just don’t know if and where to save them; under .obsidian and a specially created font folder ?

I have been looking for a solution here on the forum, but unfortunately have not found it.

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

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Fonts are stored on your system, not in the Obsidian app. Depending on your OS you will find instructions online for how to install custom fonts. Once you install the font on your system you will be able to select it as an option in Obsidian.


First of all, thank you very much for the quick reply. With this I am already a little further.

For a small own website (is not online) I have actually done it exactly so (in the folder with the html files and the css saved for and with the fonts.

Will do this here accordingly, must then only see again how I get the path in.

Operating system windows 10 and Android. Was no difference for the website mentioned.

Hi @KarlMill, @kepano is correct in that Obsidian will need to use an installed font. For the local website you created the browser was allowing the webpage to use a non-installed font. For programs like Obsidian, you will need to use a system installed font.

There was something I saw in a theme file before where they loaded the entire font file into the CSS, but that makes the css file huge. not sure if this method still works or not but I assume it does. I can’t find which theme that was so here is a website explaining how to do it in regular CSS but it should work in Obsidian CSS too. Basically, the bytes of the font file are converted into ascii characters and pasted in the CSS file with some css font commands.

Also see: css - Converting and rendering web fonts to base64 - keep original look - Stack Overflow

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the theme developer docs do mention to encode and embed the font. should be similar to JimK’s shared links

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Yes, the suggestions have helped a lot. I have already “converted” 3 fonts using Woff2Base: Convert .woff2 to accurate Base64 css. and tried them out. Didn’t like the headings at first; now with color, size and font it’s great.

To all: thanks again !!!

(Note: I don’t want to create a theme, just customize the default theme. I know the European General Data Protection Regulation )

Greetings from Bremerhaven Germany


This doesn’t apply to OP, but iOS and iPadOS users can install fonts with the free and open source Fontcase app. ‎Fontcase - Manage Your Type on the App Store

I’ve used it for over two years and it’s worked well for me.

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