Where to get help for Linter plug-in?

Things I have tried

Troubleshooting one of Linter’s features, I posted to the Github “Issues” section, but there’s been no response for several days. Also did a duck-duck search and found nothing.

What I’m trying to do

Get help on a plug-in.

Is the Github “Issues” section for an Obsidian plug-in the place to ask for help when something’s not working?

In case anyone here can help, the problem is that the “Paragraph blank lines” routine isn’t working in my setup. Consecutive paragraphs with no blank lines between do not get blank lines between when Linter runs, as the documentation indicates is supposed to happen.

I’m up-to-date with Obsidian and Linter, on a Mac.


GitHub issues is reasonable. You can also try here and in the plug-ins channel on Discord.

Thanks for the quick response. I just didn’t want to be using the wrong forum! :slight_smile:

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