Where should I put dates - YAML vs body?

Nearly for two passed weeks, I am moving dates from body to YAML and back.
Kind of dates I have in notes are following: start date, due date, release date for movies & games. Usage for them is more like ordering and sorting and sometimes is linking to daily notes.

So I’ve decided to put them in a body, but after migrate to obsidian tasks, there are too many unlinked mentions.

So where shout I put dates in notes? Are there any limitations on YAML, besides unlinked mentions block?

Personally, I keep them in the title, and then I put the Month in YAML. It might not be efficient, but if I add the breadcrumbs app, it’ll string them all together anyway so it won’t be a problem.
It’s really a matter of what plugin you’re using. Some, it doesn’t matter. Others have some bonuses with using YAML, like Habit Tracker (from what I’ve seen). Personally, I would put them in YAML just for that. Or both because redundancy is foolproof. Also, in Templater, there should be a way to program automatically inserting dates so you don’t have to type it out every time in YAML or in body text, so either way you’re covered. People on here have talked about it, but I haven’t quite figured out how to, myself. Something about percent signs.

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I don’t think about putting them in both way. This is a nice idea. Thanks :slight_smile: