Where is the trash from Obsidian

Hello I new User and test Obsidian.
I doesn’t find the trash, not the system trash.
I found answer here but it doesn’t clear for me.
I use Mac Studio 14.4.1 (Sonoma)
Can someone give help.
Where can I set automatic answer here?


Have a look in Settings > Files and links.

Thanks for answer.
I know where to set the Obsidian trash. I would like to see the contents of the Obsidian trash…


In {VAULTNAME}/.trash/

Thanks for quick feedback

In which way must I use this?
When I use this {VAULTNAME}/.trash/ in finder window of my Mac there come nothing ;-(


Sorry if I wasn’t clear. {VAULTNAME} is just the name of your vault.

You search for the vault name, with hidden files and folders shown in the Finder, and you can find the .trash folder within that vault.

That is the result of my first step.
What else do I need to add? I hardly ever use the search function :wink:


It’s a hidden folder. You can show hidden files first, so you can browse there.

OR you can navigate directly there.

  • In Finder, Cmd-Shift-G (for “Go” or “Gehen”)
  • Type the full path to your vault (you can use tab to auto-complete folders)
  • At the end, type /.trash to navigate to that hidden folder.
  • In this example my vault name is “ObsidianNotes”

Or to show hidden folders, Cmd-Shift-. (that’s Cmd+Shift+Period)