Where is the Remote Vault Setting stored locally

What I’m trying to do

I want to create a new vault B, that is also synced to remote vault B.
B should have the same settings, themes, plugins, … as an existing vault A.
A is synced to a remote vault A.

Solution Idea

Copy all the settings, themes, … from the .obsidian folder of vault A to local folder vault B, but leave out the settings for the remote vault.
Because I don’t want to sync local vault B to remote vault A.


I can’t find the remote vault setting in the local vault.


Where is it stored?
Any better solution to quickly and save duplicate/migrate settings, themes, plugins, … to other vaults, while skipping the remote vault setting?

All settings related to Obsidian Sync are stored separate from the vault itself.

You can just copy over the .obsidian folder, your Sync settings will not be copied.

Hi, thanks for the quick answer.

Additional question, even if it is slightly off topic:
I realised that the file ./obsidian/workspace.json is referencing the .md files from the vault A. These .md files are NOT in vault B.

Can I safely copy the workspace.json file to vault B? Is it purged from missing .md files?
Shall I skip copying the workspace.json file?


Check out my list of inclusions/exclusions: Global Settings - #62 by obsequious

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Thanks. Missed this thread in my search. Much appreciated for the big picture of the issue.

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