Where is the plugin to Blue Topaz

Look for the plugin to Blue Topaz

Hi, Blue Topaz is a theme, not a plugin.

If you mean the Style Settings plugin, go to Settings > Community Plugins > Browse and search “Style Settings”.

yes but I can’t find it among the community plungins

no, I am looking for the plugin that is linked to this theme

What happens when you go to Settings > Community Plugins > Browse and search “Style Settings”? Can you show a screenshot?

first of all could you show me where it is for you with community plugins, so that we are on the same wavelength. Thancks

understood, sorry!

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for me it’s here

or here

In that second screenshot, click the “Browse” button. In the window that appears, there is a search box in the upper left. In the search box, type “Style Settings” (your interface is in English so this should work, but I see the other screenshot is in French so if it doesn’t work you may need the translated term).

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oui je le trouve sauf que ce n’est pas le plugin qu’il faut chercher :sweat_smile:

the plugin

no i didn’t say anything you were right. thanks for the help :smile:

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If you do ever need a translated term, there is a way to find out the specific wording Obsidian uses in its translations. I don’t don’t know how, but I’ve seen people do it when helping others.

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