Where do plugin files live in MacOS?

Things I have tried

Searching, going through obsidian folder in Application Support

What I’m trying to do

Sync plugin files between a Windows computer and a Mac

All Obsidian configuration files are hidden by default, so you may need to enable “view hidden files” on your operating system. On a Mac, in Finder, you can press cmd+shift+. to toggle view hidden files.

Ok I’ve toggled hidden files (cool trick by the way!) but is there a certain file path where Obsidian looks for them? On the Windows computer there was a Plugins folder with folders containing each community plugin’s files.

Nevermind– Silly me I found there is a button in Obsidian that takes me straight to this folder, which is inside my Vault.

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Glad you found it.

The path is [Your Vault]/.obsidian/plugins/by default, but users can technically change the .obsidian part in Settings → About.

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