Where do I fine the Insider Build

How do I find the latest releaase to download? I have purchased catalyst.

Does this thread help?

How can I install insider builds? - Resolved help - Obsidian Forum

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That thread doesn’t help. I’m having the same issue. Even upgraded my license to the commercial license, but still haven’t gotten access to the new insider build. I was wanting to start trying out the new slash commands plugin but can’t find it anywhere. Any guidance?

You mean that you are logged in and it doesn’t show you the insider build toggle under Settings > Account ?

Here is the official documentation:

No. The toggle is there and it’s on. The new core plugins don’t show up though.

So the latest insider version hasn’t downloaded?
And there’s no restart to update when you check the version?

I’ve got the insider build on my iPad, but not on iMac for some reason.

Some people need to update their installer by downloading Obsidian from the website. Should install itself over the current version and then you’ll have the latest installer.

Some just find it takes a while for their system to choose to update. Mine was like that for a few days once, but it is worth checking your installer version.


Indeed, make sure you have the latest version of the installer.

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That solved it for me! Thank you for your help with this.

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