Where did my files go on ipad?

I recently opened my vault on my ipad air and suddenly all my files dissapeared.
Even the community plugins and the themes i downloaded just vanished and now im trying to restore my files but have no experience in doing that.

I already looked into the icloud trash folder and found nothing in it. Also i unfortunately dont have a backup of my vault and didnt syncronize it with another device.

Is there anything i could do to save my files?
Deleted notes are moving into the system trash by the default settings, so i supoose i need to find the system trash folder on ipad. Does anyone know where that is located?

This is never a fun problem to deal with —sorry about the trouble!

I think the key will be understanding what caused the files to go missing. Where were you storing your vault: iCloud Drive or no?

If iCloud Drive is the answer, look in Files→iCloud Drive→Obsidian. What do you see there?

If not, look in Files→On My iPad→Obsidian.

Next, if you didn’t delete the files yourself (either from within Obsidian, within Files, or with some other app that interacts with your iPad’s file system) then the culprit must be some kind of sync service. Were you using Obsidian Sync at all? Do you use Obsidian on other devices at all?

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My Notes were stored in iCloud Drive.
I looked through the files there and also through the files on my iPad.
In my iCloud Drive Vault are only 3 Notes left.

No I dont use Obsidian Sync. I use Obsidian on my Laptop too but with a completely different vault and different notes, so there is no connection between them.

Is the laptop vault also stored in iCloud Drive?

Did you have Obsidian Sync enabled on the iPad, too, by any chance?

Do you use any other sync or file automation tools?

No the laptop vault is just on the hard drive.
No Obsidian sync was not enabled on the iPad.
Nope no other sync methods. Just the iPad.

In that case, this is quite a puzzle.

Check Files on icloud.com? There may be a trash there too.

Any other ideas on how the files might have disappeared? They wouldn’t just spontaneously vanish.

Yeah i looked there too and i found nothing.
I really have no clue how and why it happened.
I was just reading an article over safari and wanted to take notes on it in Obsidian, so i got into split screen mode and all of a sudden all my files started to vanish.
For some reason there are 3 files left.

What are the three files?

Were you using community plugins? Which ones?

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