Where are the notes on the computer?

I can’t find the note files on the computer. Where is it located?

I think you forgot where you made your vault?
I don’t know what is the default folder.

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There is no notes in the folder where obsidian installed

You must have chosen a location for the vault when you first installed Obsidian. That’s a folder on your system.

If you can’t remember where it was, I suggest you select a note in Obsidian’s File Explorer, right-click on it, and choose “Show in System Explorer”. That should open a window to your vault’s location.

I see you joined hours ago, I should explain further.
You see, the notes that you make in your Obsidian Vault are not stored in the Obsidian folder. Rather they are stored in a separate folder in your PC. This folder is specified by yourself when you create a new vault by clicking on the upper most bottom in the bottom side of the left bar of Obsidian.

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I find it thank you :slight_smile:

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