Where are plugin icons on Android?

I installed the calendar community plugin (first one that shows if you just type “calendar” in the search bar) on my windows PC, and turned plugin syncing on. Then I opened obsidian on my android phone, turned syncing on, restarted, and it asked me if I trusted the vault author (yes), and I see the plugin in settings so I know it’s installed. However, when I go into either the left side bar or the hamburger menu in the lower right, there is no button for opening the calendar like I see on my PC.

In case it matters: on the PC I moved the calendar icon from the right sidebar to the left…

On mobile, Calendar is in the right sidebar.

Layout and workspace settings don’t sync between desktop and mobile, so changing the position on desktop won’t affect mobile.

Swipe left to open the right sidebar and it should be in there.

If something else is open (Backlinks, Outline, etc.), tap the double arrows and you can then choose Calendar.

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