Where and in which format are my notes stored

What I’m trying to do

I’m just trying to start using Obsidiane.

Things I have tried

I didn’t try anything for the moment.

Nevertheless, I would like to know a couple of things.
1 - How do you call the objects that you create: notes? Files?
2 - Where are they stored in my desktop (Windows 11). I saw that Obsidiane.exe and a few other files related to it are stored in C:/users/myname/AppData/Local/Obsidian. Will the files I create also be stored there?
3 - Which is the format of these files: a special format of Obsidian? A format like .htm? Different sorts of formats depending on the kind of data they contain?

Thank you for answering this preliminary question.

  1. Notes are just .md (Markdown) files. Within Obsidian, most people refer to them as “notes.”
  2. Your notes are stored in your vault (a folder) or vaults (you can have multiple vaults). Where the vault is, is where you selected under Create new vault. The files in %appdata% are support files for the application, caches, backups, etc.

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Screenshot 2023-05-31 093132

  1. As mentioned above, your notes are plaintext .md files (which can be mixed in your vault with images, PDFs, or other files you may have imported into your vault).

Dear Ariehen, thank you very much. I’m really grateful.

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