When will sync be released?


I was wondering when the sync add-on service will be released.
Or at least whether it will be released before December this year.
Additionally, can you provide any insight on how it will work and possible limitations and advantages of it.

Thank you!

It should be released before December, likely in November, but no guarantees.

Sync should work by itself in the background. You can have a few remote vaults, and if you sync to the same remote vault on two devices, your vault will stay synced.

Features include end to end encryption and version history. Not sure what you mean by “limitations”, would appreciate it if you could be a bit more specific. Price could be one limitation, since if you’re up for it you can use third party sync + encryption service to achieve pretty much the same thing.


Thank you for your quick response.
Sorry for being vague regarding “limitations”.
With that I mean, is there for example a certain limit to the devices you can sync it with. And is it this way possbile to work on a vault with multiple people?

Note that there are great sync solutions out there. My favorite as of now is Syncthing. It’s easy to configure, can work on virtually any platform (e.g. I also have it on my Android phone), and stuff like version history works flawlessly.
It works considerably smoother than syncing over GDrive, Dropbox etc (on which I had many problems in the past).

Another excellent & reliable choice is Resilio Sync (formerly btsync). No clouds involved, just private encrypted p2p.

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I also use Resilio Sync for Obsidian, but are you perhaps on iOS, too? I find it tiring that I have to open the Sync app every time I make a change from 1Writer.

Hi, I also want to use resilio to sync between my PC & iPhone, could you please tell me how do you use a Resilio synced folder as Obsidian vault ?

I am trying to use Resilio sync to work with Obsidian on iOS/macOS, but:

  • I can’t tell Obsidian to open an existing folder as a vault
  • I don’t manage to add a new vault created by Obsidian to Resilio sync.

How did you get it to work? Thanks!

Resilio Sync would only be a solution for Desktop (Mac and/or Windows). There is a ResilioSync iOS app, but it is not possible for Obsidian to access a vault from there on iOS.

Also, I want to note: I am no longer using Resilio Sync. My current setup as of June 2022 is:

  • Syncthing to sync my vault between 2 Macs
  • A script that runs once per hour that one-way mirrors my vault to iCloud with rsync
  • Any new files found in the iOS vault during the rsync are moved to an “inbox” folder for processing later

I do this because I mostly need to refer to things on my phone, not really create/edit content. This gives me the best of both worlds without having to worry about bugs or limitations of the iOS app corrupting or damaging my vault.

The only problem now is that the iOS app is very slow to open and getting worse as the vault grows. I know this is a limitation of having the vault stored as flat files within the iCloudDrive folder vs. a proprietary database.

I believe Obsidian’s native Sync service may (not sure?) do things differently to avoid this problem, but I’m not ready to switch to that yet until I trust that it won’t eat my data. I will probably give it 1-2 more years to stabilize.

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