When using a reference, obsidian creates an empty div and p element

Steps to reproduce

Obsidian adds an empty div and p container when you have a reference.

  <p>a test note </p>

is what it outputs when you write

a test note ^reference

But if you do not have a reference, then obsidian outputs this instead, which is how it should be:

  <p>a test note </p>

Expected result

It should not output an empty div and p Element.

Actual result

see above

Was filed as an issue on my Spectrum Theme: [BUG] Additional space after comments · Issue #11 · Braweria/Spectrum · GitHub


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.7

will be fixed 0.12.8

I updated to 0.12.8 and it’s still there.

sorry I meant 0.12.9

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Ah, this is great to hear! Thanks for the swuift answer.

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