When typing asterisk `*` after dollar sign ($) to indicate math, a duplicate * will appear

Steps to reproduce

Type a math function and start the line with $ to indicate as such. For example:

$a = b * c$

Expected result

$a = b * c$

Actual result

$a = b * c$*

There will be an extra asterisk that shows up.


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.14

Additional information

I can’t repro this. Can you post a short gif\video?

Ok, I think I get what you mean. Why would you wanna use * in a formula? I don’t recall ever using it. I think it’s pretty rare.

You can disable auto-completion for * if you want and it seems to happen only if there is whitespace before the star.

It’s the symbol for convolution:

I would simply use \ast instead: $f \ast g$

This is a conflict with the Autopair markdown syntax preference I believe, turning it off you can still format things with bold/italics by selecting them and using a hotkey.

Upon further thinking, i don’t think this is a bug. Because, we have no way of knowing if you put a $ for dollar or a $ for starting a formula.

If you use a lot of convolutions, I would disable the auto-pair of *.

Thanks for the replies. I’m new to LaTeX and see that I should be using \times for multiplication. This can probably be closed. Yes, I do have auto-completion enabled.