When to use a Separate Evergreen Note?

An example -
In the context of my hub note on cryptocurrency, which defines cryptocurrency as a Virtual Digital Asset (VDA) generated through cryptographic means and transferable, storable, and tradable electronically, the decision to create a separate evergreen note for “Virtual Digital Asset (VDA)” depends on the balance between quick recall and detailed exploration.

If I include information about VDA within the cryptocurrency note, it ensures fast recall since details are readily visible on the same page whenever I open the cryptocurrency note. This approach is convenient for quick reference and understanding without the need to navigate to another note. However, creating a separate evergreen note for VDA allows for a more in-depth exploration of the concept, providing dedicated space for comprehensive information.

Knowing all the above my QUESTION in this forum is this - What factors and queries should lead me to one particular option of the above two i.e whether to open a separate note on VDA or not?

By the way, ChatGPT gave me the following answer -

If you include details about VDA within the “Cryptocurrency” note-

  • Pros:
    • Provides fast recall since information is readily visible on the same page.
    • Allows for quick understanding without navigating to another note.
  • Cons:
    • Might limit the depth of exploration for VDA within the cryptocurrency context.
    • Could make the “Cryptocurrency” note more cluttered as more information is added.

If you create a separate evergreen note for “Virtual Digital Asset (VDA)”:

  • Pros:
    • Permits a more detailed exploration of VDA with dedicated space for comprehensive information.
    • Enhances the interconnectedness of your knowledge base, facilitating better navigation and understanding.
  • Cons:
    • Requires an additional click to access information about VDA when viewing the “Cryptocurrency” note.
    • May seem less streamlined for quick reference.

Please help with your insight :slight_smile:

For me the question is always important ‘how would I want to be able to find this back in the future?’. If currently you only use the VDA concept when also using the cryptocurrency one, then perhaps adding VDA as tag is enough. If you have notes about other types of VDA than just cryptocurrency then perhaps you’re better of with a separate notes that links to cryptocurrency and notes on other types of VDA. Then the VDA might in future be your main entrypoint and path to crypto rather than the other way around as now. Or you separate the two and transclude the VDA note within the cryptocurrency one, if you think it is important to maintain its visibility there too. Your current usage and helping your future self are the main considerations, imo, there is nothing intrinsic in any piece of information that makes it necessary to have a separate note about it. There’s only the meaning it has for you. Or at least that’s my approach.

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Thanks for the response, really appreciate it.

Actually my main concern is on learning the concepts of a particular topic thoroughly. (In the example I listed it includes cryptocurrency and the issues related to it like VDA etc).

My main issue is whether I would be able to process this learning by writing the concepts on same note or should I link them !

Furthering this query actually I really don’t know whether the recall factor will be more when one see all the related concepts on same page (when you open a note) or when one clicks on the link and it opens another note (forming more connections in the brain)

The issue is I want to retain as much as I can and want to follow the best prescription available.

I’m not an expert about Cryptocurrency :slight_smile:

I guess in the future you will have other concepts that is useful to link to VDA concept, so it might be convenient having a separate VDA note.

You don’t necessarily need to do it now. You can wait to separate VDA from cryptocurrency in the future, refactoring when you feel the need.
One of the advantage of the evergreen model that can be caught is the evolving and growing nature of the contents.

If you are unsure now about the uselfulness of making two separate notes, leave the two concepts together, when you feel the usefulness you can easily split.
In Obsidian note refactoring is very simple.

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