When to reinstall Obsidian to update Electron?

Something I read gave the impression that when “Current version” matches “Installer version,” it means Electron is up-to-date. Is that correct?

If not, how can I know if my Electron’s current?

The recommendation to reinstall Obsidian to update Electron implies that Obsidian’s “Automatic updates” function doesn’t update Electron (only Obsidian). Am I right about that?

I’m currently at v0.12.3 for both. (05-16-21)



When we invite you to do it in the release notes.

There is no need to download and reinstall all the time and we rarely update the electron bundlein the installer.


Hi @WhiteNoise. I have updated my installer today and Obsidian is now 10x faster. I was on a very old installer and Obsidian v0.12.3. Good to know.

When we download and reinstall Obsidian from the web site, in order to take advantage of the recent (v0.12.3) Electron update, do we need to UNinstall our old version of Obsidian before installing the new version?

Or can we install the new version “on top of” the old one?

With my thanks in advance,

I guess you are probably using the appimage - no, you don’t have to uninstall anything, just point your starter to the current appimage.

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@alltagsverstand ~ Thanks for your prompt feedback!

I confess I don’t know what “appimage” refers to…but I’ll give this a go and see what happens.

Thanks for taking time to weigh in on this.

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How are you installing obsidian?

Edit: ah, sorry - I guess you are on windows?

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Yes. Using Windows.

Will installing the new (without uninstalling the old) work here, too?

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I think so, yes.

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Great! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for confirming. :+1:

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