When searching for tags, show a preview of the content?


When I search for a tag like tag:#Journal it works well, but it just shows me in the matching tag for each note, rather than a preview of each matching note.

Is there a way to see the first line or two in that tag search result?


There’s a “Show more context” button above the search box. In the default theme it looks like a double-headed arrow between 2 lines.

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Also a “Collapse results” button, which you will want to turn off.


The core search assistant plugin displays results as cards that shows more context:

Thanks for the responses. When search for tags, this is what it looks like with Collapse results “Off” and Show more context “On”. It is not very useful.

The core search assistant plugin does show previews in a grid, which is great because it shows images as well, but it is not exactly how I would like to work. One thing with this plugin is that I can’t scroll through the previews with the mouse, only keyboard, otherwise it is quite nice.

I also have a problem that the plugin seems to block opening another pane either from the grid or from the folder view… I had to disable the plugin

Hi, I’m a dev of core search assistant.
I think I have fixed the bug. (Bug: When plugin is active, cannot switch to a different tab · Issue #24 · qawatake/obsidian-core-search-assistant-plugin.)
If you still have it, it would be great if you could share a screen recording or something.

Thanks, I updated the plugin and the work as expected now. Thanks.

Is there any way to make it so that I can scroll the grid view of previews using the mouse scroll wheel instead of keyboard? I am primarily testing on Mac for now in case that is relevant.


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I’m glad to hear that.

The current version does not support scrolling by mouse.
But I recieve a request about it (https://github.com/qawatake/obsidian-core-search-assistant-plugin/issues/37).
I’m considering to implement it if there is enough demand.
Could you upvote the request by adding :+1: in the repository?

Thanks, I upvoted. :+1:

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