When pasting something into Obsidian, can I set which version of the italicizing marks are used?

When you paste text into Obsidian that is formatted italic, it automatically adds _underscores_ which makes it underscores.

while this is super irrelevant, is there a way to switch this automatic formatting to *asterisks*, which also becomes italicized: asterisks?

This is purely habit and aesthetic that I prefer asterisks.


Found a solution: Solution to pasting text with italics (underscore vs. asterisk)

I’ve not seen any settings to change that, so I don’t think it exists. So that leaves doing search and replace after it’s been pasted, or possibly get it to change by the one giving you the text. Is that a plugin or a web extension with some potential settings related to this?

“Luckily” I’m accustomed to using underscore italics and asterisk bold, since ages ago, and kind of dislike seeing it the other way around…

This mostly happens when pasting text copied from some website. So I’m guessing I can’t change that. I’m not using a plugin to import text, just the regular Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V thing.

Again this isn’t super pressing, so I won’t worry about it if there isn’t an easy fix.

Thanks though :slight_smile:

I never noticed this before, and now the knowledge is gnawing at me. :grimacing:

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