When moving a note to a different folder, the internal links are not updated

Steps to reproduce

create two folders in a parent child relationship
create two notes in top folder
create a link from note 1 to note 2
move note 1 to the child directory

Expected result

link changes from
[Note 1](Note%201.md)
[Note 1](../Note%201.md)

Actual result

link doesn’t change


  • Operating system: windows
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.11

Additional information

This expected result doesn’t make sense. Also what are your settings->File

You’re right the expected result should be:

In note 1 the link to note 2 should be:
[Note 2](Note%202.md)
[Note 2](../Note%202.md)

Because it’s the link in Note 1 that should reflect the location of Note 2 in the file system.

Actual result

These are the settings

what is this?
[Note 2](Note%202.md) [Note 2](../Note%202.md)

One link, two links?

Aside from your confusing explanation, I think is your problem

You’re right, thats the problem.

I got the impression that this problem was solved but apparently not.

Is this still een open bug?