When md files with a large number of local links are saved, the index will be performed for a long time each time, causing performance problems

Steps to reproduce

Select 500 local files, then ctrl link to md, and save.
like this

Then every time I save, The following alerts are displayed
, and my cpu goes crazy
This is a BUG that is bound to recur

I’m not sure why I index a local link and index it every time I save it. Whether it’s necessary or not, they’re just a fixed link

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]


that message doesn’t look like it’s from obsidian core.

Can you please post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault?


As shown in the picture, this is an MD file linking to 526 local files for me.

My actions:

I entered “11111” and then saved.


The CPU starts running heavily, performing index operations. I only saved a plain text document without any internal Obsidian links, just local file links. I’m not sure if extensive indexing should occur when saving such a document.

I hope this bug can be fixed. Every operation and save makes my machine roar. Thank you.

The BUG was reproduced in the sandbox as you requested
Thank you.

Can you please attach here or dm me a copy of the file that is causing this?

test.md (72.3 KB)
I’ve tried, the links must be able to find the source file, and if they can’t find the source file, it’s like a normal MD and won’t cause a lot of index to run.
So I sent the file, but I can’t reproduce the problem in your place.
To build such a file locally,
This problem is replicated by linking 600 different local files.

You need to build files locally. The files I give are linked to my local files, so when the files are sent to you, these links will be broken
The index operation cannot find the file, causing the program to stop, and the BUG does not occur

You need to build files locally.
You need to build files locally.

Have you reproduced this BUG? Would you like to know the current situation? If it cannot be built, I can also try to build a more complete example directly, just need you to put it into the corresponding hard disk?