When line feed input, the input method will lose focus in ipados 14.8

For Chinese users, when using the input method, there will be problems at the line feed. The window of the input method will pop up and run to the top, and then it will get stuck.
for example,text in obsidian:

你好你好你好,你好你好你好【a】 (Line Break)

if i type something at 【a】 position on top,Especially some long phrases in Pinyin input method,If the input phrase is relatively long and there is a cross line, then the input method will lose focus, the input box will disappear, and then get stuck. Sometimes it is necessary to restart the app.

This problem has plagued me for a long time. Updating the app can’t solve it, so that I now paste it into the software after entering text in the memo.
I recorded a video at bottom.

Thx, I like Obsidian very much.

this website can’t attach files so i had to update to pictures and vidios to github.

I feel that the problem may occur in the Chinese input method. When inputting, the input voice will be segmented according to Chinese characters and a space will be added. There is a certain relationship, but the reason is not complete. I tested that if I use the touch screen instead of the keyboard, this bug will also appear.
And when I record a video, the input method window will not be found and flash, but I can’t record.
I didn’t upgrade iPad 0s 15, because this problem has never appeared in all typing software. It should be different from the system

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I have the same bug here. When typing long sentence (in Chinese),it will frequently lost word selection at the end of the line and could not type nor delete anymore. I could only restart the APP. It only happen on my iOS obsidian mobile APP.