When is the mobile app coming out?

Just recently started using Obsidian after switching from SimpleNote due to the lack of encryption. One thing I’m missing is the mobile app (I know I can use iWriter or something else on iPhone, but I’d rather just wait for the official app).

Is there an estimated release date for this?

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I am not aware of an estimated release date; however, the roadmap says that the devs are working on them, so we should have them in the near future! This is how others are using Obsidian on mobile:


when it’s ready.


Thanks! Looking forward to this.

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Uh lol

That could have been answered more kindly, I think.

Here’s the official statement:

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Sorry about that! We don’t do time estimates though, because it’s always hard to say. We’re working on it as hard as we can, and it will come out when it’s ready. Putting a date out would usually cause unnecessary stress which is counterproductive. Thanks for understanding!


You have a great app, let’s go stress-free. Everyone understands everything and just waiting impatiently

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You all are so wholesome :slight_smile:

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It’s incredible how fast @Silver et al. produce quality software (judging from the desktop app). It appears the mobile app has already come quite some way which is amazing given the time frame. And the desktop app still receives updates as well.

I am eagerly, patiently awaiting the mobile app :grin:


I think he was referring to WhiteNoise’s answer, which was, to be fair, curt, but it’s not my place to say. Although I could be wrong about who it was directed to. It is still nice of you to apologize though, and this proves that you are an outstanding moderator. Thank you for working on our behalf to help make Obsidian and the Obsidian forum a positive, awesome and inspiring place to visit! <3


I concur 100%. I spent literally years trying to find the perfect Markdown-enabled “EverNote”. I was hooked on Obsidian 5 minutes after using it. It’s a beautiful, rich and extensible application, and I am so grateful to Silver and all the other developers. I am also grateful to you personally, schemar, and all the other supporters, insiders and VIP’s. Like the post says, this couldn’t have been possible without your help. If I weren’t so broke right now I’d become a supporter myself, and fully intend to do so once I have enough to eat and do that, so for people who can’t afford to support it monetarily right now, you guys are very helpful. :smiley_cat: