When is 1.5 coming to mobile?

It’s been nearly a month since the desktop update: Obsidian 1.5 Desktop (Public) - Obsidian

Please update the mobile platforms too.

Or at least indicate what we can expect somewhere. I couldn’t find anything on neither the forums, nor changelog, blog, or roadmap section on the website. I’d even say it’s misleading that the roadmap and other places say that 1.5 is fully out.

While I agree that the update should have been pushed by now, the changelog is not misleading at all. It clearly says 1.5 Desktop is fully released and if you scroll down you will find that the latest mobile version is 1.4.16

I see.
The roadmap and that security blogpost doesn’t specify platform though. (Which wouldn’t be a problem if the mobile version wasn’t months behind.)

Hello, the work on the next mobile release is currently ongoing.
We never provide ETAs or estimates for features or bugs. Sorry!


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