When importing attachments, move files instead of copying them

Use case or problem

It occurs often to me to download files from the internet (e.g., PDF documents) and to save them in the Downloads folder. Similarly, it often happens that I create screenshots and save them temporarily in my Downloads folder.

I am interested to directly move rather than copying the downloaded files and the screenshot files into Obsidian.

Proposed solution

In the ideal case, Obsidian provides a key modifier (such Apple key or CTRL for PC), which, when pressed, allows us to move instead of copying the file to the Obsidian vault, when file is drag&dropped into an Obsidian note.

Current workaround

I import the file by dragging&dropping it into my note, and then remember to delete the original file.

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Iā€™d prefer a permanent solution to move or copy new attachments, this could be configurable as a toggle in settings > files & links.


I would love to be able to configure this behavior too. Right now, we kind of have double the work every time ones drag-drop a file into Obsidian. Kind of daunting.