When I load a vault in the Android application, no files could be found despite being all in their corresponding path

Steps to reproduce

I brought my vault from my pc, I load it in the app and everything works except that, in all my canvas files, no file type is found, however all these files are in their proper place and are not corrupted.

Expected result

All files are in their rute, so it should load. And the names of the files are not the issue because none contain prohibited characters.

Actual result

there are most likely not in the right path. Maybe you used a different root directory for you vault

I’m having the same problem. This seems to be a bug.

Root folder name change on Android hasn’t fixed it. But images were working fine in normal notes inside the vault before that anyway.

With the exception of “absolute path” set in desktop settings, new imported images are showing up as desired (5/6 cases) in both directions, inside normal notes.

Inside the canvas, images seem to show up in either desktop or android, but not both.

“Swap file…” on desktop, point to file inside vault (it’s definitely there), and it disappears (or rather “could not be found.”) from mobile — and vice versa.

Ok, back in the game.

Nested vault seems to have been the culprit.

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