When I create footnotes in Longform they get broken

What I’m trying to do

Add [^1] footnote to the text in Longform plugin. Would like it to process footnotes properly.
But now (app://obsidian.md/index.html#fn-1-3a5ca38accf79a66) appears after footnote number and numbers themselves are transformed to list 1,2,3…

Things I have tried

I compiled the project. When I likk to the note itself, not with longform - footnotes are OK. When I compile to manuscript they are broken, and also they are broken when I look from Longform.

Have you checked the issues on Longform’s GitHub? (To find it, go to Longform’s plugin description and click the GitHub link, then look for an “Issues” link).

Yes, I checked. There is really an issue https://github.com/kevboh/longform/issues/44

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