When exporting to PDF obsidian freezes

Steps to reproduce

Click export to PDF,
Obsidian now freezes for a long time for me.

Expected result

Press export to PDF
Obsidian creates a PDF without freezing, or at least not for long

Actual result

Obsidian freezes


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v.0.10.7

Additional information

I am not using any plugins nor curently using community themes but using dark theme.
the document is here, just in case Handig.zip (457 Bytes)

I used to have this problem too. It happened for the very fist pdf I tried to print and then it worked smootly. The problem was fixed when we upgraded electron. I suggest you grab a fresh installer from the website and reinstll obsidian. Let me know if it helps

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ill try,

It still freezes when trying to export to pdf, but it doesn’t freeze for every file, so maybe its something with the file?

Does it happen with default css and no thirdparty plugins?

yes, i have no other themes on than the standart dark, and i don’t have any plugins

send a file where this happens. I can’t repro with the file you attached. What’s your installer version?

the file where it happens is the one attached in my post, and i am now using instaler version v0.10.7 (before not but updating didn’t help)