When creating a new note (empty or from template), it should always be in "Edit" mode

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open some arbitrary note.
  2. Make sure you’re in “preview mode” (press Ctrl-E if necessary to switch to preview mode)
  3. Create a new note by pressing Ctrl-N

Expected result

Because I just created a brand new empty note, I should be in “edit mode” for that note.

Actual result

The new note is in “preview mode”, so I have to switch to “edit mode” before I can do anything useful with the newly created note.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.7.4

+1 for me

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In fact, when you create a new page, you can still edit its name, even if the page is in preview mode.

I have many empty pages, whose names are the the name of the many categories that I used for marking other notes.

Moreover, when you get used to using the hotkey (e.g cmd+e) to toggle preview/edit mode, you will find it is not an issue to change the mode whenever you want.

The following is my observation and opinion:

If you open your notes in multiple editor windows and set each of them in different mode(edit or preview), the new note you created will have the same mode with the note in the activated editor.

So I think this is not a bug.

+1 from me as well.

Add option to open newly created files in edit mode while existing files in default mode (likely preview)

  • a. when creating new note from scratch using palette (or corresponding hotkey, e.g. Ctrl+N)
  • b. when clicking to link with non-existent target

purpose: speed up workflow by automatically setting most appropriate mode in every situation

Idea is also mentioned in comment: "Open today's note" command starts in edit mode

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@Licat Excuse me, where can I find new option mentioned in Obsidian Release v0.9.13 ?

A new option has been added for changing the default mode (edit vs preview) when opening new notes.

It sounds like solution for this feature request.
But I did not find the option in Obsidian v0.9.15 (Installer version v0.6.2) on Windows 7.

It’s in Settings -> Editor -> Default View Mode:

Thank you Craig,
So then the formulation in the announcement is misleading.
It does not distinguish “new notes” from “old notes” (newly created vs already existing) and therefore does not fulfill this feature request.
It just makes already existing “option” (command “Toggle default view mode”, default hotkey Ctrl+Shift+E) available from settings window.
Although I see now that settings window is titled “OPTIONS” in Obsidian. Without being aware of this, formulation “new option” did(/does) not make sense.

It fulfills another request: Toggle Default View Mode In Settings

Was just going to file this also.

This also holds for notes created from templates. Adding following bug report.

Steps to reproduce

  • scenario 1
    • no open files
    • default edit mode is set to preview
    • create an open file
    • hit keyboard shortcut for Insert Template
    • select template
    • hit enter
  • scenario 2
    • in preview mode
    • hit keyboard shortcut for Insert Template
    • select template
    • hit enter

Expected result

Insert template should not pop up in preview mode.

Possibly also: When a new file is created, it should be in edit mode even if the default mode is preview mode.
(Why would I want to open a new file in preview mode, I already know it is empty.)

Actual result

Nothing happened (and I am a bit annoyed because I spent time picking a template).


  • Operating system: 11.0.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.20

Will be implemented in v0.10.1


I would also like to see this change. BTW, as of 0.11.x, this feature is still not implemented. :smiley:

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