When clicking the "Browse" button in settings/community plugins the search box should get the focus

Use case or problem

it’s a trivial change but bugs me every time I search for a plugin :wink:

Proposed solution

See title

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

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Would this mean providing a consistent UI with what’s present for core plugins? I can understand why the top three options are listed as it’s easier to implement from the GUI standpoint and dynamic elements (Which is what I believe you are requesting) may break internal SLA’s for how quickly elements should appear when the safe mode option is set to ‘false’.

+1. Especially since clicking on either “Core plugins” or “Community plugins” tab focuses on the search box & lets you begin immediately typing the name of the plugin your looking for (which is just such a fantastic bit of UI polish when I realized it).
@mche97, I think it’s more consistent UI in that regard, though I’m admittedly clueless about your specific concerns.