When clicking links to headers, a way to remove the highlights/insert the cursor without the mouse

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Use case or problem

So I have these templates for my daily notes. And I make liberal use of header links to navigate faster.

My issue is that this is unfeasible to do without a mouse, since even if there is a keyboard shortcut for clicking the backlinks themselves, the whole block where the link goes is highlighted, and right now I can’t find a way to make my cursor "enter’ that highlighted block without using my mouse.

And even when using my mouse where I just insert the cursor where I want it to go, the whole block still remains highlighted.

Proposed solution

Maybe upon clicking a link or pressing “Alt + Enter” or “Ctrl + Alt + Enter” , allow for another “Enter” press to “insert the cursor” at least for the start of the whole block.

And then perhaps remove the highlight after the cursor is inserted either thru a keyboard shortcut or thru clicking with the mouse.

Current workaround (optional)

Using the mouse I guess.

Related feature requests (optional)


This was implemented. You can press ESC to remove the highlight.

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