What's your writing workflow for pulling ideas out of your zettelkasten?

What’s your workflow for pulling notes from Obsidian into a blog post, book, or other document?

I started using Obsidian after reading Sönke Ahrens How to Take Smart Notes which has a lovely passage (Ch 2, p21) musing about

  • how much easier it would be to write a paper if you already had a draft
  • how much easier it would be to write a draft if you already had key arguments, quotes, and sources assembled in an outline
  • how much easier it would be to prepare an outline if you could browse through a library of notes that show how sources and ideas are linked to together
  • how that just requires that you get in the habit of writing in complete sentences as you read and reflect, and a system for cross-referencing notes

The mental process is clear to me, the logistics of composing documents in Markdown are not. Please share your workflows and tips, or point me to other threads where this has been discussed!

Do you do the outlining and drafting in Obsidian or other software? Do you embed other notes into your outline ![[Another note]] or copy and paste their contents? Do you make use of folding? Do you use footnotes [^1]: Source or BibTex? How do you strip out wiki links? Do you have a template for your permanent notes that makes them easier to work with when it comes time for writing?


I have the same questions/thoughts too and don’t know how others typically do it. But here’s a video that might be relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFRp6QS8z8w