What's wrong with my Data view query?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do


This is how my YAML frontmatter looks like:

Now, I’m trying to query all such entries using the Data view query, but somehow I did not get all of the results. The query is as following:

table type, status, tags
where contains(type, "#t🐦") and status = "#st_wip"

I’ve tried to remove the :bird:emoji but I did not help. Am I doing something wrong?
Please advise.

Try enclosing the type and status value in quotes. In YAML the pound character designates a comment so with that you have right now data view considers these fields empty.

This means however that Obsidian will no longer consider these values tags.
If you want to use tags for this purpose you will have to use data view inline fields instead of frontmatter (YAML)

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