What's with this new vertical blue line when I insert an Excalidraw element?


Have done some wide-ranging searches, but can’t work out why I’m getting this blue line on any inline Excalidraw element I paste into Obsidian?

It never used to be there, but only just noticed it cropping up!

In case it’s relevant, I’m using Minimal Theme, with Notion colour scheme applied, and can’t find any settings that may be able to untoggle this. Anyone come across this and want to get rid of it?


I’m not using Excalidraw, but that isn’t the Settings > Editor > Show indentation guides being enabled?

Thanks Holroy - but no, sadly not. I do have those guides enabled as I like to see what level I’m at with bullet points, but switching it off sadly does not get rid of that annoying blue line…

Hmmm… You could possibly get an indication on the origin if you open Developers Tool, and select the line.

And even if you didn’t get the origin, you could get the CSS selector to hide it in a snippet of your own.

What viewing mode are you using for that image, and what is the link you use? I zoomed in on it, and it seems like you’ve written ![[{NOTE NAME} - standalone drawing]] ?

Are you sure you don’t have anything funky going on in the linking of that image?

I even installed Excalidraw in my Sandbox vault (which I use for forum stuff), and I can’t get neither that kind of output, nor the line.

Sadly my understanding of the Developers Tool is neglible - when I select the line in question, I can’t see where the code is.

But I did learn that the line disappaears in Reading View. Not that I spend much time in that view, but it’s good to know.

Just confused because no other media (ie. .PNG’s etc.) end up with this blue line, regardless of what view I’m in!

p.s. yep, the link is as you see … ![[{NOTE NAME} - standalone drawing]]

Out of curiosity, do you see the same thing in the sandbox vault (found in the help menu)?

Thanks CawlinTeffid.

Just tried that … and … yes!

But again - not with regular PNG or JPG images etc.

I got the same blue line for Excalidraw after updating to 1.1. I think this is used to indicate embedded elements. However, previously (on 1.0) this only shows on markdown embeds for me, not Excalidraw embeds. Not sure what caused this change and it is quite annoying under live preview mode.

I found that this line can be disabled by toggling Style Setting -> Minimal -> Embeds & ... -> Use strict embed style ..., but this option has the side effect of disabling lines for normal markdown embeds.

Thanks @EpsilonEnder! Sadly didn’t work for me toggling that - maybe another setting is over riding it.

Ok - enough time wasted on a stupid blue line. I shall raise my game and live with it, haha!

OK, so it’s not coming from a theme or community plugin.

One thing you failed to tell us, was that this line was showing only in Live preview-mode, which I discovered now that I finally got my hands on the 1.1 version. And it actually turns out to be a border line on the surrounding element. That means, targeting that box will most likely address other elements has well.

With that being said, the following does target the blue line:

div.internal-embed.inline-embed.is-loaded {
 border-left-style: none;

Now, in my simple tests this didn’t affect embedded image, but it did affect embedded notes, like in ![[SomeNote]]. Some more searches indicated that using the :has(.excalidraw-svg) would solve our issues, but sadly as of now it seems like Chromium is on version 100, and it need to be on version 105 for that to be supported, see here.

I then looked in Developers Tool again, and saw that the excalidraw image had another attribute in the div, which might narrow it down a little, and it did, so maybe this is your best bet until the underlying Chromium engine is updated to 105:

div.internal-embed.inline-embed.is-loaded[ready] {
  border-left-style: none;
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Thanks @holroy … most appreciated.

Life without the blue line … TICK.

Again - many thanks!

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