What's the deal with the Bookmarks core plugin?

What I’m trying to do

  • I’m trying to understand the difference between Starred and Bookmarks core plugins.
    Can someone show me some documentation about it? I’m unable to find it! Even an informal “here’s what it does” would be fine, can’t even find where it is discussed anywhere…

Things I have tried

I’ve looked in the online docs, the vault help for Obsidian, and the forums, but I can’t find an explanation of what this plugin does or why I should be using it instead of the Starred plugin.
thanks for any pointers. I’m sure as soon as I ask I’ll realize I’ve missed something obvious, but it’s not in the documentation that I can see.

As it’s not publicly released yet, I wouldn’t expect any documentation on it.


Really, zero? The developers didn’t discuss its purpose or usage anywhere or tell anyone about it? That seems odd.

Lots of discussion in the #insider-desktop channel on Discord. As an insider, you have access :+1:t3:

Also, TfTHacker posted this a bit ago


There’s also a lengthy video by @nvanderhoeven which explains pretty much everything possible at the moment with the Bookmarks Core Plugin: Obsidian Bookmarks - new in Obsidian v1.2 (for Insiders only) - YouTube


You can check the release notes inside Obsidian for a list of everything you can bookmark. It isn’t a thorough documentation, but it does say what it does. If you ever miss the release notes, you can open them back up in Obsidian with the command Show Release Notes

Bookmarks can bookmark a lot more than just notes, and bookmarked items show up in priority in the Quick Switcher. (I won’t directly paste the release notes here, in case we’re not supposed to post that info here until it’s released publicly, in case it changes? But a few people have made videos already.)


Thanks for the hint. It’s true that the Release Notes list things I could do with the Bookmarks plugin, this is actually how I found out about it. However the notes have zero instructions as to how I might for example save a search or something.

Bookmark just about anything in Obsidian: files, folders, graphs, searches, headings, blocks. Organize your bookmarks in the much more robust Bookmark view . Reorder bookmarks with drag-and-drop. Create Bookmark Groups to organize your bookmarks into collapsible sections.

Circle with the three dots :dotted_line_face:

Screenshot 2023-04-24 145558

Or the command Bookmarks: Bookmark current search…


I find Discord extremely hard to find information on. It seems to me to be just a long disorganized chat thread with no obvious way to find what I’m looking for,. I suppose that’s why you gave me a Medium.com link instead of trying to tell me where to actually find this information the Discord chat, as it’s probably impossible to precisely point to the “lots of discussion” you are talking about. Anyhow, thanks for the reminder and the article link! Cheers


I told you where: the #insider-desktop channel. The #insider-desktop channel has less traffic than general and easy to scroll back through. Every post in Discord has an individual link that can be linked to. There’s also search :wink:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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And I fully understand not being familiar or comfortable with Discord (if that’s the case), but that’s where the information you asked about is being discussed at the this point.

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So you claim links can be made, and that you know where this discussion is, but you are not going to give me a link? Waaa. OK

I appreciate that. Another user found a link for me. :slight_smile: What I’m looking for is instructions on using the Bookmarks plugin, I guess I didn’t make that fully clear.

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I’m not on that Discord server, as of now, but that would most likely be a myriad of links as multiple discussions most likely have occurred. As such it is better to refer to the channel, which they did, where I’m presuming most of the discussions lately are about the bookmark extension since that seems to be the focus on the latest release.


Thanks a bunch. I’m using the Bookmarks plugin now and can report mild euphoria as a result. I do appreciate all who answered


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