Whats the best way to compare and merge differences from sync issue

so whenever syncthing encounters error it usually creates a conflict file. was wondering if theres a easy way to compare 2 files and then add merge or delete the changes

Search for terms like “merge” or “compare” in Settings > Community Plugins > Browse. If you don’t find anything, I’d use an external app.

there wasnt anything like this

Then you can google “diff tools” for your OS. “diff” is the general term that describes tools that show the differences between files. Some are better than others. Some have nice GUI clients.

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In a browser
[copy&paste] …

[copy&paste, from file, from url] …

I can access both of the above from within Obsidian using …

PS: to view the differences full screen I use alt+F from the obsidian-fullscreen-plugin.

I prefer this DIFF Checker : Diffchecker - Compare texts with this free difference checker tool.

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