What's the best way (app?) to get printed text into Obsidian?

Trying to get printed text into Obsidian as Markdown

What’s the best method to get media from books into Obsidian as text/markdown?
I already have a Fujitsu ScanSnap which is great for individual sheets, but I’m looking for a method to enter a highlighted paragraph in a book for instance.

Thank you!

I don’t know the best. But I do personally use Readwise, and they have tools for OCR from physical print. How do I import highlights from physical or paper books? - Readwise

Then it syncs into Obsidian through their plugin.

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Use the text recognition that’s built into your phone’s camera, if available. On iOS the feature is called Live Text; there are various ways to use it but in this case I’d tap in the note and then in the iOS context menu bar thing tap this symbol:


That’ll open a camera view to capture the text. (For more details see Apple’s iOS help page.)

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Thanks, Rig. I’ve been looking at Readwise/Reader and will likely include that in my workflow.

Thanks, Cawlin. I’ll try that one out too.

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