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I just notice that I’ve been updated to v1.0.
I accidentally closed the What’s New tab. How can I reopen What’s New? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

When Obsidian updates, it will show the release information upon initial opening. You could uninstall Obsidian and reinstall it, then you could presumably copy and paste the content into an actual note. Either that or copy and paste it from the forum release notes assuming they are the same thing. There may be another way to get it pulled up again that I am unaware of. Good luck!

On macOS, go to Help/Release Notes.

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I uninstalled and reinstalled but What’s New didn’t appear. :rage:

I am surprised by that. And very sorry. I know it said in the release notes that the Release Notes would be displayed upon initial loading or updating (I forget the exact phrasing). I should have been more clear that I was assuming that it would show upon uninstall and reinstall. But since the vault settings are stored within the actual vault directories which are untouched by uninstallation, this should have had no other negative consequences other than wasting a few minutes of your time. For that I apologize.

Again, sorry I misled you. Good luck!

Exactly the same ‘What’s New’ notes as given here …

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Just did another uninstall/reinstall and the Whats New is back. :grin:

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You can also open it with Show release notes from the command pallete


Open the command pallette (Ctrl/Cmd+P by default), and type “show release notes”

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You can also always open the release notes from the command palette. (Show Release Notes)
Edit: Didn’t see the other comments for some reason, my bad.

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“Show Release Notes”
That’s good.
Thanks everyone

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