What's a good way to manage contacts?

I am keeping one card/file per contact with pic and links and bio and backlinks to daily notes where i interacted with these people.

I am wondering if there’s a plugin, or way to visualize these contacts in a CRM like fashion?


Great topic. I think you could either post this in #knowledge-management to see what other folks are doing or post in #plugins if you have specific ideas.

I think templates and YAML parsing when plugin API is available will be a big help to this. I like the idea of managing contact information in Obsidian too, since they are linked with so many things.

Here’s a thread with more CRM ideas: https://forum.obsidian.md/t/possibilities-after-getting-access-to-api/4653/6

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any idea when the api will be live even if breaking API at first? Cuz i’d be happy to code something up.

Don’t have a timeline, sorry. It’s one of the top 3 priorities right now though. Getting something breaking out of the door is definitely crucial for getting feedback and building a stable API in the long run.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to rely on Obsidian or similar tools to manage any type of key-value data (email address, phone number, company name, etc…). This tool isn’t great for retrieving that sort of thing it forces you to rely very heavily on templates and standardized formatting which I don’t think it the right path. Instead, I’ve opted to store key-value pairs in a table (with airtable) and link the record id inside the obsidian note that corresponds to that person (that’s it). This way I can easily add/manipulate key-value pairs in bulk and also use other 3rd party systems that act on this data (such as sending an email blast). That’s my two cents


I’m not sure if syncing between Obsidian and Airtable a reasonable idea? I mean, after all Obsidian data is stored in IndexedDB

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