What's a good way to make a to-do on a non-yet-existing daily note?

Here’s my to-do table presently:

I’d like to have “Channel comments and mentions” appear on the To-Do for 3/27/2023 and 3/31/2023.

Put another way, as I’m typing my meeting notes or to-do list, I want to something like:

  • Revise final report with Monday’s items; Add to website on [[2023-03-29]]

And have the item show up in the ToDo the daily note for that upcoming Wednesday?

I changed my Daily Note format to be


for easier reading, but of course it’s longer to type which is a micro-delay when I’m typing up many to-do items.

Do you use something like #todo in conjunction? If yes, seems like a lot of typing for a to-do item which will itself only take 30 minutes.

Could I tag the whole table itself in some way to make a dataview → weekly note or daily note easier?

I think the way various people tag and use tasks related to their daily notes is extremely varied. Personally I don’t tag any of the tasks within my daily notes. All these tasks are gathered up in a “running tasks” compilation of stuff I need to get done.

Outside of the daily notes, tasks lives related to the particular note or project, with the exception of those tagged with #GlobalTask which are picked up by my running tasks query. This allows for me to have a single task list with all the task, and not having to worry about moving tasks from one day to another if it didn’t get done.

Every now and then I do need to clean up the list, but since task lists links back to the definition that is relatively easy to do. I also use a few extra checklist icons if I need to delete, re-schedule, postpone or other action related marks according to a digital variant of bullet journaling.

Related to how you tag your tasks, this can be done in a few ways. You could add the date without any more markup like you do, and make the todo list in your query pick only tasks which links to the current daily note.

Another option would be to use the Tasks plugin and a starting date field to the task. Not sure if that supports multiple dates, but I think there are pre-made options for setting the start date to any day in the coming week.

Yet another option would be to use Templater and create a template with a suggester which insert a link to any day in the coming week or so, so that each time you need to insert a date you just hit the hotkey for the insertion of that template, and choose the day you want.

Whenever you leave the list/task scope, and enter the page scope, it gets a little harder to retrieve the task or the info, so in most cases I wouldn’t recommend that route.

Thanks holroy! This is helpful to know.

I do the same thing – more to-do tasks on a project basis, not specifically on a certain date.

How or when do templates get run?
I was looking at Nicole van der Hoerven’s video on periodic notes, and what confuses me is how if I have a link to a not-yet-existing daily note:

  • [ ] Return library books [[2023-04-20]]

and then click the link for April 20th, it doesn’t use the template I set up in Periodic Notes (or in Daily Notes when I uninstalled Periodic Notes).

But when I click the little monthly Calendar in my sidebar for not-yet existing day, it does use the template at templates/tr_daily.md

Is that the usual behavior? That clicking the little calendar uses the template, and clicking-to-create-a-page doesn’t use the template? What is the philosophy behind that?

Suggester workflow
I think I will try your third suggestion…for suggesters. I didn’t know it existed.


Where in your folder structure is the note where that link lives? Is that within your daily notes folders?

If so, the create in same folder and folder related templates should do the trick. If not, you could consider having your global note template, if you have one, too detect if the note title is a date and then move the note to the daily notes Født and apply that template.

I hope that make sense.

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